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December Patient of the Month

“Goliath” Murphy

Goliath is a handsome 11 year old tom cat. One day he stopped eating and became dehydrated. His blood was analyzed and showed that his kidneys were failing.

He spent three days at the emergency hospital receiving intensive intravenous fluid therapy which normalized his kidneys. Later, at home, his owners gave Goliath fluids under his skin – daily at first, then every other day and then every third day.

Instead of dry cat food he now eats a canned food designed to slow down kidney disease.

The kidney disease caused an imbalance in Goliath’s electrolytes, so he receives a potassium supplement (which he loves as it tastes like bacon). He also gets a powder on his food to bind phosphorous. A flavourless liquid medication and a probiotic are also added to help him feel better.

Goliath is comfortable, has gained two pounds and is enjoying life again thanks to the dedicated care his owners have provided.

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