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February Patient of the Month

Ben is a 7 year old Border Collie cross who lives on a beautiful hobby farm.  He gets plenty of exercise which keeps him in shape. One day he started licking a paw. This caused an infection that healed up with antibiotic cream. Not long after that he developed growths on his face and then his back and tail became infected. Ben’s hair was clipped and the skin was cleansed with an antiseptic. A test of the facial growths revealed a condition that required immunosuppressive steroid treatment. He also required oral antibiotics to treat the skin infection. Then Ben found some sharp bones and cut the inside of his lips badly. After another course of antibiotics his lips healed up.  Ben was slowly weaned off the prednisone treatment as within a month all lumps vanished and his lips healed. Finally, thanks to dedicated care by his lovely owner Ben is enjoying a happy life free of bumps and sores.

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1700 McTavish Road
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