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October 2017 – Patient of the Month

Daisy is a 12 ½ year old Shih Tzu.

Throughout her life she had been pretty healthy. One day Daisy did not eat or drink, was dizzy and had a fever. Daisy was admitted to the hospital for fluids, pain control and antibiotics. She bounced back to her happy self within a week. After that she began to squint because an ulcer had developed on the surface of her right eye. The pressure in the eye was so high that she lost her vision and it was painful. She had developed primary glaucoma. The best thing for Daisy was to remove the painful eye. As this condition tends to affect both eyes, Daisy is receiving eye drops in her remaining eye to slow the onset of glaucoma and preserve her vision. Once the hair grew back over her surgery site you could hardly tell anything had been done. Free of pain she is once again enjoying life with her wonderful owner and her “sister” Holly.

Daisy Before


Daisy After

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